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Delta compatibility tests

Sigma Delta passes independent compatibility tests

Penlon's Sigma Delta vaporizer passes independent compatibility tests

06 June 2018

Penlon’s Sigma Delta vaporizer has undergone independent tests that confirm its compatibility with Draeger Auto-Exclusion®* and GE Selectatec® anaesthesia systems.

The study was carried out by the Medical Device Testing and Evaluation Centre, based in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK. It was commissioned as part of our continuous post-market surveillance, to reassure customers that the Delta can be used on a range of anaesthesia systems.

In the follow-up report, Dr. Tom Clutton-Brock, says:

"The test results established compatibility of Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizers when used with GE Selectatec and Draeger Auto-Exclusion* Anaesthesia machines. In particular, Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizers make gastight connections, the interlock system works correctly, and the function of the anaesthetic machine is not affected."

A copy of the report can be downloaded here. For more information on the Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizer contact your regional representative or click here.

* Auto-Exclusion is not available on the Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizer in the USA