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Portable Medical Gas Equipment Hire

WeupmEquipment hire Medical Gas Cylinder Trolley Bullnose Therapy Regulator with Air flowmeter Back feed equipment CarryVax Electric Suction Maintain your Medical Gas supply with Penlon Portable Equipment Hire

Penlon offer an extensive range of Portable Hire Equipment to support your medical gas and vacuum supplies, including:

  • Medical Gas Cylinder Trolley
    • Single Cylinder, Sizes F, G, J
    • Double Cylinder, Size J
  • Bullnose Therapy Regulator
    • Oxygen
    • Air
  • Bullnose Two-stage Regulator
    • Oxygen
    • Air
    • Nitrous Oxide
  • Back feed equipment
  • CarryVax™ Electric Suction
    - High and low suction units

Call 01235 547079 (UK only) today for a competitive quote. For more information contact our friendly and dedicated Service and Maintenance team on:

tel 01235 547079
fax 01235 547062